Vincent Hart

"It is worth noting however that as much as my work is influenced by other art, it is also a direct response to my surroundings. Again, light and colour play a big part in my choice of palette and material and for this reason, I am very excited to have been invited to be an artist in residence here at The Slate” said Vincent

He further describes "The resort itself offers a unique and dynamic range of inspiration; the harsh contours created by Bill Bensley’s shuttered concrete and corrugated steel architecture serve as a resonant homage to Nai Yang - The Slate’s owners’ tin mining past. This is contrasted spectacularly with the natural forms of exotic palms and almost alien cacti that occupy the grounds of the resort and in doing so create an abstract landscape all of their own"

Borderless Experience

Lives and works in London, he has always been fascinated by light and colour. As a child, the classical, dramatic seascapes of Winslow Homer and Edward Hopper's surreal, twilight-lit urban landscapes served as his introduction to the art world and still have their traces in his work today.

As he grew older he would make day-trips to London, where he would eventually come to study and live, to view the works of historic but also more contemporary artists exhibited in the City’s various institutions and galleries. Later still, whilst undertaking a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine art at Central Saint Martins, he would build on these interests in a modern and contemporary painting by making frequent visits to Tate Modern's Mark Rothko room as well as attending various exhibitions of established and emerging abstract and minimalist artists shown in London.

In Vincent Hart's art, individual pieces' merge and flow into one borderless experience, while retaining their individual character and identity. His triptych "Blue Boy" directly shows this in its totality, but even at its edges, the outmost paintings, suggest a breaching of frontiers, hint at the work beyond the eye, complementing and converging with his other pieces, crossing freely into the imagination of the perceiver. The experience is immersive and suffused with openness.

Vincent unites colours, brushstrokes and materials borrowed from movements, artists and even single works of art, which he re-contextualises to create a painterly narrative that is intentionally left open as opposed to one that is so often hedged in as historically definitive.

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Seasons Weather Sky

“The work is at once a reflexive commentary on the past and a postscript of our present – the changing seasons, weather and the abiding sky and I believe this description is true also of The Slate”

Pay a visit to the resort's in-house art gallery and studio to experience a colourful new collection of painting created by Vincent Hart as part of an existing partnership with the prestigious Central Saint Martins School of Art in London from today until 28th February 2019.

For further information please contact or +66(0)76 327 006

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